4 tips on how to play when you are down

4 tips on how to play when you are down

We've all been in the moment when everything just won't go as you want. With these 4 tips you'll play with less mistakes and it will boost your confidence.

1. Play safe

Go for high net clearance (preferably with some topspin). This should ensure good depth, keeping your opponent back. 


2. For serve: go for placement

Get the first serve in, aiming for placement rather than power. This should ensure you save energy (the cost of executing 2 serves per point adds up!). It should also avoid the threat of your opponent moving in on second serves. 


3. Play more crosscourts

Go crosscourt most of the time (hit down the line to attack). This should ensure crossing the net at its lowest point and less chance of over-hitting. It also makes it difficult for your opponent to angle a ball away from you. Avoid changing the direction of the ball when it is hit with pace or directed towards your weaker wing or if the ball is low. 


4. When in trouble: lob and play higher with spin

This should ensure you buy time to recover a reasonable court position and you frustrate your opponent by neutralising his or her attack.


Bonus tip: think positive

When you are having negative thoughts, you are simply losing against yourself. Keep up a positive mindset and give everything

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