How to prepare for a tennis match

How to prepare for a tennis match

Preparation is key! That's why we created this list for you on how to mentally and fiscally prepare yourself for a tennis game. 

1. Start a list of your strengths

First of all, you have to build your confidence! An easy way to do so is by writing down your strengths in the game.  Are you a good baseline player or do you prefer net play? Write it down. 
Writing down your strengths will help you remember them and work on them during the match. Also write down how you can use your strengths.

Extra tip: write down your weaknesses too. By doing so, you will be remembered to work on them during the next training.


2. Dress for confidence

The second tip is all about clothing, because it can help you mentally. Many players have a favorite match outfit, and that is because of the following reason:
Putting on your match outfit automatically turns on the 'game mode'!

" At least you can't blame the outfit"


3. Find your song

A good song can do miracles! Listen to your favorite motivation music on the way to the court, and you'll be ready before you step on the court.

Make yourself a good playlist with the best motivation music. If you don't have an idea where to start, there are a lot of good playlists on spotify.


4. Get inspired by others

Every player has his own rituals he does before or during a tennis game. Do some research what the pro's are doing or ask your friends what they do. 

Try these different rituals, you never know what works for you.


5. Fuel!

The right fuel is very important. Make sure you eat healthy and drink enough water on the day of your match. 

If you are not familiar with what to eat, do your research!


6. Think positive

Last but not least: Think positive! A positive mindset is very important during a tennis match, so make sure you are implementing this mindset before you step on the court.

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