About us.

Welcome to Advantage Clothing

"I always wanted to create something different and that's why I started Advantage, sharing my love for clothing and tennis.  I choose quality above quantity. I never make anything, that I wouldn’t wear myself (except for the women's collection I guess)."

- Miel Pannecoucke, founder of Advantage

Why Advantage

With Advantage Clothing we want to help people to become the best version of theirselves, we want to help people reach their goals in tennis, padel and life in general.

Work hard, be ambitious, train hard and keep a positive mindset even when it's hard. That is what we stand for. We do that by creating clothing that is not only comfortable but is also motivating you. Because good players only deserve good clothing.

We truly hope that Advantage can be a new item in your closet, and when you wear it, you become the most confident person you can ever be!

Tennis and padel

Why do we focus on tennis and padel? That's simple, because these are just the best sports in the world!

The combination of sports, a game and the social side of it, makes us love this sport so much.

The story

In 2018 our founder started playing tennis in a local club in Torhout, Belgium. After the first couple of months he just fell in love with the sport.

Miel is also passionate about graphic design and putting ideas into visuals. These two passions combined are the perfect mix to start Advantage Clothing.

That's why our brand was founded in November 2019.



We believe that by using organic & recycled fabric we contribute to a better world. We try to offer as much clothing as possible in these kind of fabrics.

Who makes our clothes?

At Advantage we are only working with suppliers that provide ethical circumstances to their staff.


For our packaging we use as less plastic as possible.

Join the team!

Are you a tennis player, coach, influencer... ?

We're always looking for ambitious people to represent our brand. So hit us up if you're on of these!